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27 Apr

Goodness me, doesn’t time go fast!? Suddenly we’re  -1 month from baby’s due date. All is well over here – I’m enjoying maternity leave, though still finding myself very busy! Little person in my tummy is very wriggly, which is the strangeness of quite an uncomfortable delight! 

We were at a wedding last weekend. On a beach. In Scotland. In April. And the sun shone. Amazing.

I’ve been dwelling in a place of much thankfulness lately, and wanted to note down 3 things in particular I am so appreciative of right now.

1. Advice. When we first told people that we were expecting our first baby, some said ‘Everyone will want to have their say and have their own piece of advice’ – and my response to this was ‘Excellent!’ (despite people implying this is a bad thing…!). I love hearing people’s experiences, and I crave wisdom being passed on to me. So I was slightly disappointed when most people didn’t want to ‘push’ their own opinions on us. (This was a similar disappointment to no one really wanting to touch my belly though some people had said that lots would – I’m quite a tactile person so I actually love people touching my baby tummy!) But recently I’ve started asking for advice from Mamas, and it’s been given in varying ways, and for all of it I’m thankful. More please! (feel free to comment…!)

2. People. It feels like in the last couple of months we have been tremendously blessed by people around us. We are so thankful for new friends; friends we’ve had for a while but connected more with recently; and old friends who’ve been around us. For older mentors to look to and people who sometimes look to us. We have particularly rejoiced over people pursuing us because they value spending time with us (people like our company!?). Suddenly it seems like we have the community around us we so craved when we first got married and moved to East Lothian, and this is such a joy to us!

3. Owen. I am especially appreciative of my husband today because it is seven years since that question asked of ‘could we maybe pursue a relationship beyond friendship?’ Seven years my man, and haven’t they been good? Especially in the craziness and consistency of lately.  You are beyond a marvel to me, you love me so well.

These are some of my goodnesses of today. What are yours?

Love, Carolyn x


Stretched March

31 Mar

Well its the last day of March and I’d quite like to write about the month, because its been rather noticeably stretched.

Its felt like a significantly long month, what with the 5 Saturdays (3 of which were fostering days, instead of the usual 2 a month). We’ve had the range of restful holiday time, busy holiday time, restful working time, busy working time. We’ve travelled to and spent time south (in London) and north (in Kingussie). We’ve  learned at our antenatal classes – there’s been much information to consider and remember. There’s been very, very sweet times this month, and sour, sad times. We’ve made and spent time in new friendships, and caught up on precious old ones – there’s been a lot of people this month, and I’m so grateful for you all. People have come around and loved me lots, and I’ve had blessed opportunities to love, help and advocate for others. I’ve felt and known such joy in following Jesus, and frustration and confusion in the journey. And my tummy has grown bigger and bigger…!

And so I wanted to note this month because of its fullness, its richness. I have appreciated it. I feel like quite a different person than I was at the start of it. So March, thanks for being so stretched, and for stretching me.

Love, Carolyn x

Me and Baby in London. See - stretched.

p.s. Ah, no I don’t have any stretch marks yet… did you think that’s what this was about…?

C x

Right here, right now… is good.

15 Feb

I was telling a friend the other day, just now in the pregnancy is very sweet. I have a nice bump, visible and enjoyable to carry, not too huge and cumbersome. The little one inside me has been moving lots, in a wriggly, pleasant sort of way – I haven’t experienced anything I would describe as a kick yet.  Work is manageable (though full weekends on are hard going…but always were). I’m not feeling concerned about all the stuff we need to gather or do to accommodate a baby in our home – knowing that we’re doing this simply, and that our God has always provided for our needs.

So in some ways, I could just stay here, in this place. But then, this doesn’t make sense . Everything about pregnancy is  about the waiting, the expecting, the coming, the preparation…

But today, I’m thankful for this place I’m in just now. I love being pregnant. And where I am today is so satisfying! I love where my marriage to Owen is just now. Church stuff is exciting. Doing some respite foster care is wonderful. Meeting up with lots of lovely ladies regularly to talk below-the-surface stuff is amazing. Its all so good. And I am so thankful.

Soon, so much is going to change, and – perhaps sounding like I’m contradicting myself, but I promise I’m still speaking truth – I am so excited.

Love, Carolyn x

Half Way Through

19 Jan

Time for a pregnancy update… (especially for you Mama!)

We’re just over half way through – isn’t that something!? How time goes past and suddenly you have a swollen belly with a person inside and you need some new clothes and people start to ask because sometimes its hard to mistake for just a fat tummy now…

Scan #2 was was last week, we got to see toes and a diaphram and bones and lots of other little parts of our little one. It’s quite amazing! Unfortunately Baby wouldn’t move for the radiographer to see all she needed to, so I had to go back yesterday for another scan with hope that Baby was going to be in a better position – and Baby was! As far as they can see everything is ‘normal’. All is good with me too, I’ve had barely anything to complain about health-wise from the start, and feeling very lucky about that for sure.

So yeah – I’m kind of looking pregnant – how exciting! Here’s a recent picture…

In other news, one of the ladies I visit through work has knitted these adorable cardigans for us (how wonderful…? – so much). She’s disappointed we’re not finding out the sex of the baby so that she can do some in pink or blue, and scoffs at my insistence that I’d dress my baby in either or other colours whatever its sex. So crisp white it is! I feel so blessed to have someone knit all these stitches into something so beautiful for us.

So on that note I’m off to work on the crochet blanket I’ve been working on for around 7 months and is still ridiculously small for that amount of work time. Here it is a couple of months ago (and hasn’t grown much since!). I need some time with and motivation from my teacher Amy!

Love, Carolyn x

New Life

22 Nov

So I’m in an ever changing place between.

I’m somewhere between being entirely overwhelmed in knowing that we have created a brand new, individual, unique life, with somewhat eternal potential … and knowing the reality of the world is that all 7 billion of us alive on earth right now (never mind all the other people not alive on earth right now) sprung into being in pretty much the same way.

I’m somewhere between feeling very daunted at the responsibility and hugeness of parenthood… and the reassurance of knowing that I mother naturally, and that this is something I’ve always easily expected to step into.

I’m somewhere between nervous and relaxed, ill and well, tired and energetic, excited and quiet, youth and motherhood.

And its a good place to be.

Our tiny one is around 13 weeks old, and we are due to meet her or him around the end of May. We can’t wait! Do join us on this journey – I’m planning on keeping this blog updated regularly.

Love, Carolyn x