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Half Way Through

19 Jan

Time for a pregnancy update… (especially for you Mama!)

We’re just over half way through – isn’t that something!? How time goes past and suddenly you have a swollen belly with a person inside and you need some new clothes and people start to ask because sometimes its hard to mistake for just a fat tummy now…

Scan #2 was was last week, we got to see toes and a diaphram and bones and lots of other little parts of our little one. It’s quite amazing! Unfortunately Baby wouldn’t move for the radiographer to see all she needed to, so I had to go back yesterday for another scan with hope that Baby was going to be in a better position – and Baby was! As far as they can see everything is ‘normal’. All is good with me too, I’ve had barely anything to complain about health-wise from the start, and feeling very lucky about that for sure.

So yeah – I’m kind of looking pregnant – how exciting! Here’s a recent picture…

In other news, one of the ladies I visit through work has knitted these adorable cardigans for us (how wonderful…? – so much). She’s disappointed we’re not finding out the sex of the baby so that she can do some in pink or blue, and scoffs at my insistence that I’d dress my baby in either or other colours whatever its sex. So crisp white it is! I feel so blessed to have someone knit all these stitches into something so beautiful for us.

So on that note I’m off to work on the crochet blanket I’ve been working on for around 7 months and is still ridiculously small for that amount of work time. Here it is a couple of months ago (and hasn’t grown much since!). I need some time with and motivation from my teacher Amy!

Love, Carolyn x