Five Top 5s From 2011

31 Dec

A random assortment of some stuff that made up my 2011… They’re all general ‘5 good ones’ rather than best at the top.

Books that made me think… (and got me on some sort of discussion agenda with most folk I spent some time with…)

1. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

2. The Help – Kathryn Stockett

3. What is the What – Dave Eggers/Valentino Achek Deng

4. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

5. Room – Emma Donoghue

Songs most loved, sung or danced to… (I sure ain’t no music snob btw…)

1. Earthquake – Labrinth

2. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay

3. Live Those Days Tonight – Friendly Fires

4. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

5. Parachute – Charlie Simpson

Blogs/Websites I’ve loved…

1. The Pangea Blog

2. Rachel Held Evans

3. A Deeper Story

4. Lauren Nicole

5. Emerging Mummy

Trips most treasured… 

1. Holidaying in France with Andrew and Rebekah

2. Trip to Sheffield for Nora’s wedding

3. Over to Ayr for my Brother’s wedding

4. Going to the Lake District with 11 other women leaders in our church network

5. Finally making it back up to Aberdeen in December to see some wonderful friends

Significant stuff this year (I would imagine this all may feature here in 2012…)

1. Becoming pregnant and facing parenthood – eek!

2. Going through the process to be involved in fostering children – and doing a bit. And loving it.

3. Being involved in planting a new church – full houses, great relationships, lots of hard work, encouraging people to get closer to Jesus and gathering round the bible – really great stuff.

4. Moving to Prestonpans (linked to #3)

5. Learning lessons of trust and forgiveness when dear plans all change up… twice.


When We Went to France: Part 1 – Unhurried Journey

5 Dec

Its time for some photos and words on our last week of October where we had our First Proper Holiday of the Year! It was so, so good.

We spent four days moving south from Home towards our caravan an hour north of Paris – a journey that could probably just be done in a long day. This long-drawn mode would be my chosen way of travel always, as I love the actual travelling part of holidays  (I know I’m quite unique in this…!), don’t like being hurried (ask my husband what this does to me!), and find so much joy stopping in new or loved places and meeting new or loved friends.

Our journey began travelling south down the A1 on Saturday morning and meeting Duncan, Rachel, Andrew and Rebekah in Durham for brunch and a long catch up. I don’t think the waitress liked us much as this is the photo she took(!).

Then we spent the weekend in Hurworth with Andrew and Rebekah, making lasagne, racing grannies, exploding custard, visiting two of the churches they work very hard with, eating apples on apple day, reading, sleeping, etc, good times.

Monday came and we travelled further south, moving from north England through the Midlands and stopping in Cambridge for dinner with friends of A&R, Catherine and Phil. They took us to Pizza Express – win! We then headed off and round London, down to the south coast and arrived late in Dover, a bit bemused by the white cliffs in the night light. We had wonderful rest overnight in Dover, breakfast accompanied by borrower music, and scooted off to catch our ferry.

And so we travelled the Channel over to France by sea. I love ships. This may come from my Daddy, Captain of the Seas, but I doubt he has ever uttered the words I love ships. And good times, Baby was making me a little car sick on the journey down the UK (something I never suffer from), but seasickness did not come my way.

We had a leisurely, sunny drive south east towards our camp site, stopping by the sea for lunch to have our first baguettes (though I had a slightly traumatic mayonnaise experience with mine…). Andrew did a wonderful job driving us through North France to our wee caravan near Soissons.  We had a leisurely evening in it eating pasta and playing cards and board games and getting some rest, as we were planning to delve into our French adventure by visiting beautiful Paris the next day.

A rainbow that followed us around northern France.

A good journey had.

Next part soon!

Love, Carolyn x

New Life

22 Nov

So I’m in an ever changing place between.

I’m somewhere between being entirely overwhelmed in knowing that we have created a brand new, individual, unique life, with somewhat eternal potential … and knowing the reality of the world is that all 7 billion of us alive on earth right now (never mind all the other people not alive on earth right now) sprung into being in pretty much the same way.

I’m somewhere between feeling very daunted at the responsibility and hugeness of parenthood… and the reassurance of knowing that I mother naturally, and that this is something I’ve always easily expected to step into.

I’m somewhere between nervous and relaxed, ill and well, tired and energetic, excited and quiet, youth and motherhood.

And its a good place to be.

Our tiny one is around 13 weeks old, and we are due to meet her or him around the end of May. We can’t wait! Do join us on this journey – I’m planning on keeping this blog updated regularly.

Love, Carolyn x


21 Sep

Ok, lets do this.

A blog.

Here I am.

I’ve been thinking that having a blog would be a good way of letting you know what’s going on in our lives, what God is doing with us, what’s going on in my mind.

So that’s what this will be…

Love, Carolyn x