About Carolyn

Hi, thanks for stopping by! 

I’m Carolyn. I’m a follower of Jesus, a very happily married wifey to Owen, and a lover of people.

What might be noteworthy… I love to cook for and eat with people. I’m passionate about discipleship and pointing people to Jesus.  I love the winter months, and pretty things. My perfect afternoon is connecting with someone over a cup of tea and some cake, and talking about real life stuff.  I love to read and discuss books. I’m learning to sew and crochet (expect pictures!). I try to live life simply, and openly. I work with elderly people in the community, helping them out with whatever they need. Over the last few years I’ve felt God develop in me a heart to love others often overlooked – which has affected how we do life in a few significant ways.

This is a place I aim to write stories about our adventures in loving God, loving each other and loving people around us. And probably some other random stuff like disastrous baking exploits…

Its a record for me, news for people we know, and a window to our lives for those we don’t know so much (but would love to!).

So I’m glad you’re here – its good to connect! Say hello if you like below, or email me at connectinglovecarolyn [at] gmail.com

Love, Carolyn x


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