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May Delight (and thanks, so much thanks)

31 May

So this month, we had a baby.

Viola Esther Jean Wilson. Born at 11:14am on the 15th May 2012, weighing 6lbs 11.5oz, measuring 51.5cm long.

The past two and a bit weeks of my life since she arrived have been so precious and holy. I didn’t believe it when a friend told me how peaceful and special a house with a newborn was, but she was right, and now I understand. I can’t remember feeling closer to my God, or my husband, than in these last few weeks we’ve spent together as family. These are sweet, sweet times indeed. I can’t properly articulate it, but come over for a cup of tea and ask me and I might just cry with joy at how blessed I feel.

And thank you. So much thanks to everyone who has sent words of love – in cards, on facebook, on the phone, in person. Thank you for all the lovely gifts – beautiful things for Viola, thoughtful things for us. Our kitchen has been so well stocked! Thank you for all your prayers for all of us, and especially Viola. We feel extremely overwhelmed and grateful by all the love and kindness shown to us. Thank you.

Love, Carolyn x