27 Apr

Goodness me, doesn’t time go fast!? Suddenly we’re  -1 month from baby’s due date. All is well over here – I’m enjoying maternity leave, though still finding myself very busy! Little person in my tummy is very wriggly, which is the strangeness of quite an uncomfortable delight! 

We were at a wedding last weekend. On a beach. In Scotland. In April. And the sun shone. Amazing.

I’ve been dwelling in a place of much thankfulness lately, and wanted to note down 3 things in particular I am so appreciative of right now.

1. Advice. When we first told people that we were expecting our first baby, some said ‘Everyone will want to have their say and have their own piece of advice’ – and my response to this was ‘Excellent!’ (despite people implying this is a bad thing…!). I love hearing people’s experiences, and I crave wisdom being passed on to me. So I was slightly disappointed when most people didn’t want to ‘push’ their own opinions on us. (This was a similar disappointment to no one really wanting to touch my belly though some people had said that lots would – I’m quite a tactile person so I actually love people touching my baby tummy!) But recently I’ve started asking for advice from Mamas, and it’s been given in varying ways, and for all of it I’m thankful. More please! (feel free to comment…!)

2. People. It feels like in the last couple of months we have been tremendously blessed by people around us. We are so thankful for new friends; friends we’ve had for a while but connected more with recently; and old friends who’ve been around us. For older mentors to look to and people who sometimes look to us. We have particularly rejoiced over people pursuing us because they value spending time with us (people like our company!?). Suddenly it seems like we have the community around us we so craved when we first got married and moved to East Lothian, and this is such a joy to us!

3. Owen. I am especially appreciative of my husband today because it is seven years since that question asked of ‘could we maybe pursue a relationship beyond friendship?’ Seven years my man, and haven’t they been good? Especially in the craziness and consistency of lately.  You are beyond a marvel to me, you love me so well.

These are some of my goodnesses of today. What are yours?

Love, Carolyn x


6 Responses to “Appreciations”

  1. Amy April 27, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    I can’t believe it’s a month away already! I need to hurry up with the knitting! This was a good reminder post though, I have some fabric to give you if you’re interested? I’ve shut down my Etsy shop and have split my fabric bundles amongst friends who are into or getting into sewing, I thought you might find some useful? Especially while you’re waiting for baby to arrive! If not then it’s no biggie though, so don’t feel like you have to say yes! If you do want some though, I’ll pop some in the post, I’m about to go away on 3 weeks placement and thought you might like it while you’re on maternity leave, I’m sure once baby is here you won’t have any time to sew!

    • carolynew April 29, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

      Amy, hey! I know, a month! Crazy. Yes please to the fabric, if you’re sure (you’ve shut down your shop!?). I’m sure I could do something with it. Don’t stress about the knitting – you have finals to worry about! Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the summer when you are all done and a real live Vet!xx

  2. Laura Anne April 27, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    Ok, so I’m not a parent, but I’m an auntie and doing the work that I’ve done since I was 19 I’ve learned lots of wisdom from parents and midwives and the rest!

    Keep as fit and active as you can – having good level of fitness will help you for labour & childbirth. Raspberry leaf capsules/raspberry leaf tea (and the uh ‘Ross & Rachel method’) – help your cervix prepare for labour.

    After birth – when it comes to pooing here’s advice from my friend Prue: “Doing a poo just needs to be done very carefully, with your feet elevated slightly higher than the floor (stick them on a stool – chair variety – or something) to reduce the pressure.” – also pressing a pad against your lower abdomen (ie where your uterus is) can help too. 🙂

    No one will know your baby as well as you. Don’t let any health professional or anyone else for that matter make you feel otherwise. So if you and your baby are settled into a routine & baby seems healthy and happy (bar the usual ‘my nappy is wet’ ‘I don’t WANNA go to sleep even though I’m clearly exhausted’ ‘ouch, this teething thing hurts’) then don’t let them freak you out. 🙂

    Babies are messy. Don’t worry too much that dishes are piling in the sink and burping cloths can be found on every seat in the house. Enjoy time with your little one because it’ll go by so fast!

    Thus ends the advice for today from me…! 🙂

    • carolynew April 29, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

      Thanks for the practical advice Laura Anne – appreciated! You must have troves of useful info with your experience and expertise, so thanks indeed. Someone else recommended raspberry leaf to me this week, and I’d never heard of it before – I’ll be sure to hunt some down… Will bear all else in mind, thanks again!x

  3. Annie Downs (@annieblogs) April 28, 2012 at 1:45 pm #

    ONE MONTH!?!? I cannot believe it. So excited for you. Praying that these last few weeks are really sweet. Can’t wait to see pics (and hold the baby this summer when I’m there in July for a week or so!)

    • carolynew April 29, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

      Eeek, I know! Thank you for prayers Annie – so much appreciated. And YES!! to baby holding in July – its a date lovely lady!x

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