Right here, right now… is good.

15 Feb

I was telling a friend the other day, just now in the pregnancy is very sweet. I have a nice bump, visible and enjoyable to carry, not too huge and cumbersome. The little one inside me has been moving lots, in a wriggly, pleasant sort of way – I haven’t experienced anything I would describe as a kick yet.  Work is manageable (though full weekends on are hard going…but always were). I’m not feeling concerned about all the stuff we need to gather or do to accommodate a baby in our home – knowing that we’re doing this simply, and that our God has always provided for our needs.

So in some ways, I could just stay here, in this place. But then, this doesn’t make sense . Everything about pregnancy is  about the waiting, the expecting, the coming, the preparation…

But today, I’m thankful for this place I’m in just now. I love being pregnant. And where I am today is so satisfying! I love where my marriage to Owen is just now. Church stuff is exciting. Doing some respite foster care is wonderful. Meeting up with lots of lovely ladies regularly to talk below-the-surface stuff is amazing. Its all so good. And I am so thankful.

Soon, so much is going to change, and – perhaps sounding like I’m contradicting myself, but I promise I’m still speaking truth – I am so excited.

Love, Carolyn x


3 Responses to “Right here, right now… is good.”

  1. Sarah Rock-Evans February 15, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    Hi Carolyn,

    I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing. You are always so positive …but it leaves me wondering how you do it!

    I don’t want to dilute your story, or take away from all the good stuff that’s going on, but I can’t help wondering … do you take difficult days in your stride? Choose not to see the negative in things but instead focus on the positive? You clearly live with a grateful heart and a deep trust in God, both of which are great to see, but I’m just wondering…

    Maybe I need to join you in your ladies-below-the-surface group!

    I also meant to be in touch to say Jane & Neil who you met at ours at New Year had a baby boy a week ago … and called him Owen! They are home and doing well.

    Love Sarah x

    • carolynew February 17, 2012 at 10:42 am #

      Sarah, Hi!

      Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for asking. I don’t really take difficult days in my stride that well at all – I am so blessed to have a husband who is a very good motivator when I’m feeling despondent about something, and a very good coolant when I’m upset or mad about something – and a very good sense-talker for both extremes. But I have been trying to cultivate a thankfulness response in all circumstances, and I have felt a changing of a discontented heart into a much more contented one in the last year or so – both of which changes I’d attribute to God’s Spirit working in me.

      I suppose I just wanted to mark this place where things are good, and I find that easier to write about too – but you’ve challenged me to be honest in what I post, and not always make it about the good stuff – so thank you for that!

      I would love to meet up with you to chat regularly – in fact, whenever Owen and I see you we always say we should try and see you guys more. I’ll be in touch!

      Send our congrats to Jane and Neil – excellent name choice! 🙂

      Love, Carolyn x

  2. AnnieBlogs February 22, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    LOVE this. Miss y’all.

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