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Right here, right now… is good.

15 Feb

I was telling a friend the other day, just now in the pregnancy is very sweet. I have a nice bump, visible and enjoyable to carry, not too huge and cumbersome. The little one inside me has been moving lots, in a wriggly, pleasant sort of way – I haven’t experienced anything I would describe as a kick yet.  Work is manageable (though full weekends on are hard going…but always were). I’m not feeling concerned about all the stuff we need to gather or do to accommodate a baby in our home – knowing that we’re doing this simply, and that our God has always provided for our needs.

So in some ways, I could just stay here, in this place. But then, this doesn’t make sense . Everything about pregnancy is  about the waiting, the expecting, the coming, the preparation…

But today, I’m thankful for this place I’m in just now. I love being pregnant. And where I am today is so satisfying! I love where my marriage to Owen is just now. Church stuff is exciting. Doing some respite foster care is wonderful. Meeting up with lots of lovely ladies regularly to talk below-the-surface stuff is amazing. Its all so good. And I am so thankful.

Soon, so much is going to change, and – perhaps sounding like I’m contradicting myself, but I promise I’m still speaking truth – I am so excited.

Love, Carolyn x